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Leica Zeno Connect

A tool for 3rd party applications
Leica Zeno Connect is the easiest and quickest way to ensure your chosen GIS field software solution utilises the most reliable and accurate GNSS data.
Whether you are working with Esri ArcGIS for Windows Mobile®, or any other field application, Leica Zeno Connect provides a standalone software solution as well as an SDK for full integration with 3rd party software applications.

Leica Zeno 20 – Interview Johannes Hotz


You can now simply and easily manage your GNSS data any way you like by:

  • Choose between Windows WEH 6.5.3 or Android operating systems.
  • Combine with Zeno Connect.
  • Begin adding your favourite Apps.

Ready-to-deploy software

Leica Zeno Connect handles all communications between the GNSS receiver and the application, including the configuration of real-time differential correction sources. Leica Zeno Connect comes as an out-of-the box deployment. Simply install Zeno Connect, and the Zeno Connect toolbar always runs in the foreground of your application.


Software development kit for seamless GNSS integration

The Leica Zeno Connect Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed to integrate Leica Zeno GIS series handhelds and Leica Zeno GIS sensors with custom mapping and GIS applications. Leica Zeno Connect allows developing powerful GNSS-based applications that operate on Leica CS25 tablet computers, as well as handheld devices. Leica Zeno Connect enables integration between leading GNSS technology with survey-grade as well as mapping grade accuracy into 3rd party applications such as Esri ArcGIS for Windows Mobile®

Complete your work with Leica GNSS technology

  • Enables full GNSS receiver status, setup, and management
  • Provides full control over GNSS RTK sources
  • Provides standard COM components to easily integrate into 3rd party applications
  • Leica Zeno Connect can also serve as a base station to log GNSS raw data
  • Full utilization of the Leica Zeno GIS asset collection & management portfolio

Supported instruments

GNSS receivers Field computers Field computers with integrated GPS/GNSS
Leica Zeno GS05 and GS06
Leica Zeno GG03
Leica CS10 GIS and CS15 GIS
Leica CS25 and Leica Zeno 5
Leica Zeno 20
Leica Zeno 10 & 15
Leica CS25 GNSS tablet computer

Please consult your local Leica Geosystems representative for further details.

Leica Zeno GIS Training Videos

Aprenda cómo trabajar con las distintas soluciones de software Leica Zeno en diferentes plataformas de hardware.
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